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Manufacturing is the core of our business

Selection & Supply

Largest warehouse of solar products in Ontario

Rapid Distribution

Extensive network of dealers and installers

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Our design team is the best when it comes to constructing solar layouts or assisting in the development of custom racking solutions tailored for your solar project.


Working closely with our partner engineering firm, we provide sound engineered planning and approved methods for every solar project that adheres to all building codes.


The core of our business, manufacturing solar equipment racking solutions. We carry 4 lines of racking that provide solutions for all solar projects, from design to installation.

Project Management

Our team is equipped to handle all aspects of a solar project. From initial application submission for FIT/microFIT, to final ESA inspection and connection.

Financing Options

We have an exclusive financing partner who offers investment funding for your solar project. Classified as a home improvement line of credit, most applicants are approved quickly as the ROI is gauranteed.

Dealer Networks

We have worked with and built a vast network of dealers and installers across Ontario. Professional, quality work is guaranteed through our partners who know and believe in our product.