The Sentry: Dual Axis Tracker


Introducing The Sentry. Ontario’s BIGGEST, STRONGEST, and BEST Dual Axis Tracker

Building a tracker for Ontario’s microFIT program means designing from the ground up. Our harsh weather and requirement for 10 kW on a single tracker makes the Ontario market unique, and means nothing short of perfection will do.

  • Snow Dump Feature
  • 50 kph Wind Safety Mode
  • Astronomic Tracking Control
  • Increased Power Production
  • Made in Ontario Canada
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty
  • Battery Back Up

The Sentry dual axis solar tracker has been designed to meet every aspect of Ontario’s environment, and the Ontario Power Authority’s microFIT requirements.

Our simple approach to design and logical application of local building practices is what makes the robust design of the Sentry so sought after. Recognizing simple things such as; Ontario’s temperatures can swing over 20 degrees between day and night, winds can reach extreme speeds in a matter of minutes, and in some locations the ground can freeze 8 feet deep is what ensures that the Sentry has been designed for longevity in Ontario.

Simply put, the Sentry has been designed, engineered and fully manufactured in Ontario, for Ontario. The Sentry is Ontario’s BIGGEST, STRONGEST, and BEST dual axis tracker.

The Base

In-Ground Base design for maximum stability, support post is secured to base using structural J-bolts. Ensures level installation of tracker post year after year, prolonging the life of all other tracker components. The most reliable base design is sub-terranean to prevent tilting due to frost heaves and heavy wind.


Industry leading 18 inch structural steel support post, strongest possible design providing the most safety in extreme wind conditions. Will withstand over 100 mph wind loads with tracker in vertical position.

Slew Drive

Oversized 17” commercial slew drive for maximum strength and longevity, 25% larger than industry standard.


Structural steel head featuring Triple pivot design for strength and accuracy when supporting over 3000 lbs of equipment during movement.

Vertical Support

Three vertical support beams are made of structural box tube to eliminate flexing and to support the potential added weight of snow and ice.

Horizontal Beams

The open web design provides ultimate strength while keeping the weight to a minimum allowing for simple installation and less stress on the motors and gears.

End Brace

Unique End Bracing provides box tube stability to design, while keeping weight and wind resistance to the bare minimum.

Cross Bracing

Cross Bracing provides structural support to the Sub frame, and eliminates twist in the panels during movement of the actuator and slew drive.

Sub Frame Assembly

Structural back bone of tracker pivots on three bronze bushings to ensure long life and the best stability for the large surface area of the modules.


Stainless steel elevation actuator built to double the required capacity. When in stow position the actuator is fully retracted in order to provide maximum support in high wind and when under heavy snow loads. Morning snow dump feature assists in increased winter power production.


Custom structural aluminum I-Beam pre-punched for inverter and solar modules mounting to ensure true and consistent installations every time.

Solar Panels

Ontario Made high efficiency solar modules. Oldest manufacturer in Ontario. Industry leading +/- 2 watts tolerance, 4mm low-iron content glass.


Anemometer provides peace of mind by measuring wind speed and will signal the tracker to move into the safety position when extremely strong winds are detected.

Load Centre

Unique in-post load centre provides maximum quality and security. By integrating the AC load centre and tracker controls into custom enclosures located in the tracker post, the quality of the system is guaranteed right up to the point of utility connection. Aesthetically pleasing as all electrical is hidden away out of sight and out of the elements.


Industry leading micro-inverters provide state of the art power conversion, and allow for per module monitoring of power production and component

iPod, iPad, iPhone Controls

Total control from the convenience of a tractor, service vehicle or home. Ideal for owners and service personnel.

  • Remote Tracker Control
  • Remote Calibration Capability
  • Remote Diagnostics
  • System Status and Alerts
  • The Ultimate Hand-held Solution for Owners
  • Works with Apple Mobile Devices

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